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West Wing: "The Short List"

  • CJ: Why are you here?
  • Danny: I'm here because there's a basketball team called the New York Knickerbockers who are playing in town tomorrow night.
  • CJ: I don't have time to go to a basketball game!
  • Danny: Neither do I, which is why I thought we could watch it in your office while I explain it to you in a patronizing manner, because I know it's something women usually like.
  • CJ: Thank you anyway.
  • Danny: You understand I would talk slow and explain it in a way a girl would appreciate.
There are two things in the world you never want to let people see how you make them: laws and sausages. Leo, The West Wing

I love my student.

  • Me: I can't stop talking about scents.
  • Student (hearing impaired): About what?!
  • Me: Scents.
  • Student: Sex?!
  • Me: O_O s-c-e-n-t. Were you about to call the disability office and complain?
  • Student: "My CART provider keeps talking to me about sex. It's making me very uncomfortable!"

My sister’s birthday was this past weekend. She and her husband have a very large amount of games, and I put forth a challenge: Play ALL of the games in ONE weekend. 

We failed.

But let me explain why. I live about 3 hours away from my sister and my boyfriend and I are unable to leave town until rush hour time, which is, well, rush hour time, so we arrived at their home late Friday evening. One my say why did we not play games that evening. I wonder this myself. People were tired. Weaklings

We still could have done it! Except for our desire to make delicious food stuffs the following day so eat and enjoy. This took up VALUABLE GAME TIME. Much of this was my fault. I insisted on making spring rolls, which postponed our finishing of Bushwackin’ Varmints, a truly wonderful game.

If there is any consolation, the spring rolls were delicious. We also had jalapeno poppers with cream cheese, goat cheese, and wrapped in pancetta and fresh-from-the-butcher bacon (if you are ever in College Station, TX, check out Readfield Meats & Deli). And then there were those spicy chicken wings Josh put in the oven with that homemade spicy sauce… So was it worth it? Part of me says yes, for sure. The other part of me says CERTAINLY NOT.

Another thing that maybe slowed us was Witchboard, a movie from 1986 (the year of my sister’s birth - I wish this had been planned but it was merely coincidence) which none of us had seen. That is pretty darn amazing, considering we are well versed in bad movies. My wish was to have in the background movies about games, which you can see on the list. Some of these movies were intended to be bad, so bad it’s bad, so as not too distract us. Like Battleship. And then others were good, but seen many times so we would not be sucked in.

But Witchboard. I mean, have you seen it? How could we play games? How could we ever play any game with Witchboard in the background? Now Witchboard 2, that is slightly easier. But please, if you are a fan of bad movies about Ouija boards, run, do not walk.

We also made the mistake of playing short games we didn’t care about first, to make room for the ones we loved later on. But this does not work. You know when you eat in a restaurant, you have several different foods on the plate you ordered, and some you like more than others, so rather than eating the thing you like first, you eat the things you’re not a big fan of because you want to finish on the good flavor of the food you really like. But by the time you get to the food you enjoy the most, you are full from the other not so favorite food. So this was our Uno and Mancala

Thus our progress was slowed. But you know, we didn’t do too bad! Not terribly shabby! Especially considering my boyfriend and I also had to drive back Sunday evening, so we really only had one full day to play games. We had our Scrabble table on the side in a chess-like fashion so the game would continue throughout the weekend and we could focus on the more adventurous games. We never finished, because it was Super Scrabble, I mean come on. The board was tough and my boyfriend probably murdered us, though not as much as he murdered us in Monopoly (still mad). If we had had the chance to finish Scrabble, he would not be standing, I assure you. I could have taken him. I was biding my time. I swear.

Has anyone heard of Ungame? They did not lie, it’s… truly not a game. In fact, it looks to be more like torture. I hear it’s apparently very successful in places. Sure, why not. It looks like hell to me, but whatever. I found it in a store and I thought it would be funny enough to get it and bring it for my sister for her birthday.

I didn’t expect us to play it, but when it came time for Cards Against Humanity, we decided we should knock out Apples to Apples as well, and why not throw in a couple questions from Ungame. This turned into probably the best game of Cards Against Humanity I have ever played. We realized very close into the game that it was pointless to have anything other than the Ungame cards for the questions. My favorite moment was the last image. I of course chose fat. As I look at it now in a crowded room at a university, I have to stop myself from laughing. I have included some images of other Ungame cards, because they are just too good. I’m sorry, Rhea Zakich, creator of Ungame, I don’t mean to mock. Just know that though your game is not a game that can touch us on a personal level, it suited us in other respects and ended up being the most fun we had all weekend. Probably.

So I guess that’s the story. Byez, off to work.

Things I fantasize about now that I’m an “adult”:

Enough time to read at least one chapter of Dune
Going to sleep at 9:30-10pm
Friends to stop calling me annoyed with me for not having any time to hang out
Enough time to see these friends and still be in bed by 9:30
One day of the week where I do nothing
To not have to drive anywhere
Moneyyyyy, which makes me tolerate everything else on this list

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This broke me.







This broke me.


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Photographs by Fan Ho

Taken in Hong Kong in the 50’s. 

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Spoon | Inside Out

It’s early yet but I’ll call it: best song of 2014. And perhaps best Spoon song?

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Gabriel Orozco


Gabriel Orozco

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You… All of you… Why couldn’t you be dealing drugs like normal people? Principal Snyder, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Reason I love my job #2

A random student, not one of mine, just walked up to me and silently requested a fist bump.